Privacy Policy

TagNotate sends usage statistics to our servers during normal use. This data is anonymous, i.e. it contains nothing which can be used to identify you or your device, or the content of the documents you work with. We collect it purely to get an idea of how the app is being used, and how it performs, in the real world. This helps us to improve TagNotate over time.

What is Collected?

Three basic types of data are collected.

1. Checkpoints
At various points, TagNotate contacts our server simply to say ‘hello!’ E.g. when the app is opened, or when a certain feature is used. This allows us to see which features of the app are being used most, allowing us to better direct our development effort. There should be no noticeable processing cost (i.e. the app won’t slow down).

2. Simple Statistics
Data such as how many documents a user has in the TagNotate library, or how many tag words they’ve created, or folders they’ve created. No details of the content is sent – just numbers.
This gives us further insight into how our users make use of the app.

3. Crash and Error Data
If something goes badly wrong whilst the app is running, it will attempt to send details of the error to our servers. This allows us to react to problems our users encounter in the field.

Data Sharing
We don’t share the data we collect with any third parties.

Within TagNotate you can choose to download files from your Dropbox. If you do this, you will be asked to grant TagNotate access to your Dropbox. This feature is only used to download
or upload the files that you choose. No other files are read by TagNotate, and no data relating to your Dropbox (e.g. access tokens, file listings, or any file contents) are ever uploaded to our servers.

Note: Using Dropbox within TagNotate is optional – it just makes it a little easier to access your documents. If you don’t want to do this you can use the official Dropbox app and use its ‘open in’ feature to send files to TagNotate. Likewise, TagNotate can send files back to the Dropbox app for uploading.

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