Innovation in Annotation.

iPad PDF Viewer & Annotator

TagNotate is a PDF viewer and annotator with powerful tagging features, including the ability to tag annotations, that make finding important information within and across documents easy…

“If you read a lot of PDF articles, whether as eBooks or research articles, then this app is essential.”


“If the PDF files you exchange with your colleagues are starting to suffer from comment fatigue, it might be time to take a look at Tim and Gerry’s TagNotate.”


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Annotate, Tag, Explore.

Annotating your PDF documents adds information that is important to you, but finding that information later can be difficult. TagNotate makes that easy, by allowing you to tag your annotations.




Annotate with highlights, notes and drawings.



Assign tags to your annotations.



Now you can use your tags to find your annotations in various ways.

Show me all highlights, notes, and other annotations
with the tags “father” and “birthday”

Show me all documents using the tag “birthday”

Create an email containing all annotations tagged with “father”

The Scientist

I read lots of different academic articles on different topics that I need to know about, and I often highlight the important bits or make margin notes. But I used to forget which article had which important bits in it. Now, I can easily tag all my annotations and margin notes depending on the topic. And when I need to go back to that information, when I’m writing my own papers, I can see all my annotations on a particular topic, regardless of whether they are from one article or from different articles.

The Doctor

When researching a particular disease in my old paper-based world I would write notes directly onto printed articles, or post-it notes. I had different categories of notes: aetiology (the cause), epidemiology (who is affected), symptoms, prognosis, and treatment. But as my filing cabinets filled up, it became increasingly difficult to pull these notes together, cross-reference them, and amalgamate my thoughts. With TagNotate I can categorize my notes and annotations in the digital world; I can tag them on the fly, easily seeing which tags I have used most often or most recently, and I can pull all my notes together in an instant, by single or multiple categories, and across multiple documents. Working digitally is now far easier than with paper, allowing me to draw conclusions and generate ideas far quicker than ever before.

The Student

When revising for exams, I find it really useful to highlight the relevant parts from the chapters, articles, notes, handouts, and other material that I can capture in PDF. I can effortlessly tag all those highlighted parts with the course they’re relevant for, the topic, and more. When I want to revise a topic, I just select a tag or two, and there it all is! I even swap tagged annotations with friends – I tag some of the revision material, they tag some, and then we swap. It’s so much easier this way.

The Designer

Often as I read through the specification for a project, I scribble down questions that need clarification, or an opinion, from specific members of my team. These can be quite difficult to track, but with TagNotate I can create a name tag corresponding to each of my team. I share with them the document and my scribblings and they can then select their own personal tags to quickly navigate the questions I have for them. Previously this was impossible and it would take much longer to turnaround the discussion needed to finalise a design.

The Art Historian

There’s so much information on the internet and elsewhere that’s relevant for me – I have bookmarks to hundreds of web pages, and I had notepads filled with notes that I’d copied from them. But it was a nightmare keeping track of what was in my notepads, let alone which were the web pages or other documents I’d consulted. Now, I create a PDF from any page I find, annotate it and tag it, and I no longer spend time looking for the information, and can instead spend my time working with the information.

The Stage Manager

One of the responsibilities of the stage management team is to assist actors in memorizing their lines for a play. A member of the SM team will record all mistakes made in rehearsal and send corrections to each actor. Speed is a priority as you want the actor to correct the mistake by the next time we rehearse the scene. TagNotate reduces the time needed to record and distribute notes by at least 50%. For every mistake, simply tag the actor’s name and the type of mistake, sort by actor, and send them their notes. It is equally easy to delete an old note in the next rehearsal (or send it again if they repeat the mistake). This is the best stage management app not invented by a stage manager!

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